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What is GATE and SAS?

GATE & SAS Upcoming Events

Beginning of Year Parent and Family Meeting

Monthly Family Meeting TBD December and April!

GATE/SAS Academies

Robotics Team with Vex IQ

Differentiated Instruction/Enrichment Clubs

Classroom Support

Annual Testing

GATE/SAS Program Planning Meeting

Field Trips

Portfolio Assistance

School Choices for the Future

Conferences and Community Events!

Westside Neighborhood School 
Mini Maker Faire
Saturday, December 15, 2018
9:30am – 12:00pm


District GATE/SAS Parent Conference

 This is a FREE event open to parents of gifted/talented students, including Schools for Advanced Studies (SAS) students, in LAUSD.



45th Annual Los Angeles City/County Conference on Gifted Education! 

asadena Convention Center June 1, 2019 



Educators Summer Institute- 2 Days (Fee $)

What is the OLSAT?

Challenge Yourself with a Good Book!




Gifted and Advanced Studies

GATE/SAS After School: GATE Academy #2         ART AROUND US!  12/5, 1/9, 1/16, 1/23   2:30-3:30PM No Class on 12/12

Please sign the permission slip and return quickly.

Also, we are looking for volunteers to assist or run each academy.


Get Involved! Parent Link

Deep Thinking! Depth and Complexity Icons



OLSAT and GATE UPDATES January, February, March 2019!




(All 2nd Graders will take this test )

The Otis-Lennon School Ability Test, Eighth Edition (OLSAT-8) achievement test is a nationally standardized, norm-referenced, group administered measure of verbal and non-verbal school abilities for gifted/talented identification. The OLSAT-8 is not an intellectual assessment but rather an achievement test that focuses on areas that are valid measures of an individual’s ability to reason logically, i.e., detecting likenesses and differences, recalling words and numbers, defining words, following directions, classifying, establishing sequence, solving arithmetic problems and completing analogies.


OLSAT Elementary Schools Testing Dates March 

OLSAT Make-up Testing Date March 

Parent Informational Meetings:


Click Here for Information Letter and Dates/Locations of Parent Meetings

Check out things that are intersting and cause us to wonder how or why? @ Ian Byrd's  Website!

Puzzlements AND Curiousities

1. Giant Cross Stitch

This gorgeous outdoor cross-stitch took artist Ana Martins 760 yards of yarn to create. Let students predict how it was made before showing the close-ups of the screws (there are 2,300 of them) and yarn!

2. Light Up Piano

Almost like a real-life guitar hero, this light-up piano setup is mesmerizing! Watch Rousseau Musique play several classic pieces.

3. Butterfly Wings Up (Very) Close

Check out these photos of butterfly wings from Chris Perani! Perhaps let students see the photos first and then predict what they think they are. How does he do it?

4. Very Old Trees

Beth Moon photographs some of the oldest, rarest trees in the world on the island of Socotra, off the horn of Africa. After looking at the photos, read her artist’s statement.

5. Making Erasers

There is some striking behind-the-scenes footage of this video showing how rubber erasers are made. Jump to 1:21!

💎 Curiosity Tips 💎

  • Prompt students by simply asking: What do you notice? What do you wonder?
  • Pick the best puzzlements for your students. No need to always show all five.
  • Write kids’ questions down. Display them on a wall.
  • Model curiosity! You must notice and wonder along with your students.

Updates and Newsletters!

Winter Parent Newsletter 2018

en español

Topic: Diversity & Creativity

Important Dates

✦ Dec. 17-Jan 5 : Winter Recess     ✦ January 21: Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday

✦ February 4-28: GATE/SAS Parent Meetings in each Local District (Dates and Times on our website)

✦ February 18: Presidents’ Day Holiday

✦ March 9: 10th Annual GATE/SAS Parent Conference at RFK Community Schools - no pre-registration required


VEX IQ Robot Teams ARE WORKING HARD!  6th Place!

Differentiated Instruction

Cool Apps!